Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get a match? 

  • Matches require at least one Meddler on each side to approve the other person (i.e., Sam’s Meddlers need to swipe right on Alex, and Alex’s Meddlers need to swipe right on Sam). Sam and Alex are then matched and they can chat with each other and take it from there.

How many of my Meddlers need to approve someone for there to be a match?

  • That’s up to you! The default for a match is one Meddler’s approval. If you have more than one Meddler, you can change the threshold for a match to be higher – between 1 and the number of Meddlers you have. Just go to “Invite trusted Meddlers” in the menu and select the “Change Threshold” button.

Can Meddlers chat with prospective matches?

  • No, we leave the chatting up to the single people who are matched

What if my Meddlers just want to mess with me?

I invited single friends. Why can’t I meddle for them?

  • In order to meddle for someone, they have to invite you to be their Meddler. We get that you want to go straight to the swiping, but it’s really up to the single people to choose. We’re sure they’ll invite you! You just may have to be patient. Or keep bugging them until they do 🙂

Since Meddlers can be in a relationship already, won’t this app make it easy for them to cheat?

  • No, nuh uh, nope! In order to chat with anyone, you need to match with them. In order to match with them, you need to build a profile and invite Meddlers, who then swipe on people for you to meet. Therefore, Meddle is actually the hardest dating app out there to cheat on your significant other with.

Have other questions? Please email us at and we’ll get back to you. We’ll also keep adding to this list, so be sure to check back.