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Wanted: $5 to Meet My Ferris

jennie at a party

Meet Jennie. She’s smart, side-splittingly funny, and gorgeous—a triple threat, really. She’s also (in her own words) “ridiculously single.”

Being in the business that we’re in, we keep a keen eye out for unique stories of people looking for their match and so when we stumbled upon Jennie’s self-authored GoFundMe campaign that’s crowdsourcing funds to connect her with a matchmaker, we knew we had to get in touch.

A New Yorker at heart, Jennie’s been in Chicago for a little over a year and is really ready to find her special someone. “All of my friends have found their person and now it’s my turn,” she told us when we chatted.

“My friends are always asking me ‘What can we do? You shouldn’t be single!’ I’ve always just asked to be introduced to their single friends, but soon they realize that they don’t know any. I realized that I needed help and I needed to ask for it. Whether that help is from my friends or from a matchmaker, help is help. And this seemed like an easy way to get the help I needed, both from my friends and from a professional.”

After spending loads of time on “all the dating apps,” the idea of a raising money for a matchmaker came to her after watching hours of Millionaire Matchmaker, a show she loves and says resonates with her Jewish heritage—it’s also something Jennie said she could totally see her mother doing. Initially she tried to launch with Kickstarter, but they wouldn’t approve her campaign, so she moved on to GoFundMe. She’s loving the support she’s received so far and has even upped the ante on donor reward levels. Give $50 and you’ll get a wedding favor. Donate $500 and you’ll nab an invite to their wedding.

Given Jennie’s dating app expertise, we had to ask her thoughts about Meddle, and if it would be something she’d consider using (in case this whole matchmaker thing doesn’t work out). “Genius!” Jennie told us. “The number of times I’ve have friends come over and ask ‘How’s it going, are you on Bumble? Can I look for you?’ It happens all the time. The idea of having someone who knows you help you find a date is awesome.” (We wholeheartedly agree!)

In a little over a month Jennie’s raised about ⅔ of her overall goal, but she’s not quite there yet. Her campaign ends at the end of this month, and every little bit helps. Can you chip in $5 to help a girl find love (instead of buying your morning latte)?

And in case you’re wondering who Jennie’s looking for (perhaps you’ve got some single friends in Chicago), her ideal date would be: “Funny. Humor is a must (or at least finding me funny). They need to be close with their family and can’t hate animals. I like someone who’s driven, either in their career or in some other passion or hobby. The best match for me has that Ferris Bueller type personality—they are willing to take me out of my comfort zone, push me a bit, and make things fun.”

So to all the Ferrises out there (and to all the Camerons that know them), give Jennie a call.