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Guest Meddler: Let Others Help With Your Dating Life

Thanks to the internet and the advent of dating apps, there exists this incredible opportunity for anyone to instantly meet people outside of their day-to-day lives. In a matter of minutes, one can pull likes and photos from their feeds and photo gallery to create a public profile in minutes.  And so, many folks jump in head first and try their luck swiping endlessly in the hopes of finding that special someone. Some are lucky and find that match rather quickly, while others struggle to have some (if any) success.

As easy and effortless as this sounds, it also means people can just as easily post a misrepresentative pictures, which does everyone a disservice. When you only have a few seconds to make a first impression before they swipe left or right, you can be stuck saying “But why am I not getting any matches?” for months on end.

As an online dating photographer, this is a common theme across the clients I work with—a lack of feedback. From advice on picking the right app, selecting the most flattering photos, crafting a witty, creative bio, not to mention needing to be patient when it comes to vetting potential matches, feedback is key.  And yet I am often the first person taking at look at someone’s profile, photos, and bio! 

Much like creating a resume or assembling a piece of IKEA furniture, tackling something new can be daunting and frustrating, especially without instructions, advice, and feedback. When you have someone you can trust providing you with feedback on your own profile and helping to evaluate potential matches, it can be incredibly helpful. Another set of eyes can provide you with the encouragement you need to finally finalize your profile, or gently remind you to not to use that gym selfie (or cropped out photo with your ex, for that matter). 

Using an app like Meddle really fosters this kind of community—by involving your friends or family in the process, you can not only feel good about your profile, but tapping in to their expertise will also help you sift through profiles online to help you find a match. Why not get help from people who want to help and have the time and patience to do so? (Not sure who should be your Meddlers? We have some suggestions!)

Much like meeting someone at work, or at a coffee shop or bar, people rely on feedback from friends to help evaluate potential partners on everything from looks, to fashion, personality, and more. Why not use the same approach in seeking feedback when venturing into the world of online dating? Having a few trusted people help you along the way can not only give you the confidence and encouragement you need, but can also help you find whomever it is you may be looking for.

Eddie Hernandez is an online dating photographer based in the San Francisco Bay Area. He is devoted to helping men and women capture themselves in their essence whether they are new to online dating, recently single, have a new look, or dislike being in front of the camera.

Learn more about Eddie and his work here.