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Guest Meddler: Meddling with Cannabis to Enhance Your Relationships

Cannabis has been used for millennia to treat pain and promote overall well-being. Yet beyond its documented  medical applications, the plant also possesses tremendous potential to bring people together. Whether bonding old friends, igniting new relationships (or spicing up *cough* older ones), cannabis has the power to connect folks in ways one might not expect.

Not Big on Booze? Cannabis as an Alternative to Alcohol

As we study more and more about cannabis,  we’re learning that it’s generally a healthier, safer, and more interconnected substance for use in social settings than alcohol. Whether you’re enjoying a weekend afternoon bbq, an evening at the movies, or even hitting the driving range, cannabis can be used to relax the mind and encourage positive social situations.

Key to Success: Don’t Overdo It

As experienced cannabis users will tell you, overdoing cannabis can lead to not-so-ideal social interactions. Too much THC in your endocannabinoid system (a collection of cell receptors and molecules that basically make your body’s natural THC) can cause anxiety, as opposed to smaller doses which produce that relaxing feeling we’ve mentioned before. As with most things, it’s always better to introduce a much smaller dose of cannabis—even a “microdose”—as opposed to overdoing it.

Let Cannabis Meddle in your Love Life

Perhaps surprisingly, there are several roles cannabis can play a role for people looking to enhance romance in their lives. For example, if two partners are open to using cannabis together, the plant can accelerate the process of bonding and connectivity by reducing the anxiousness folks sometimes get due to the social pressures of dating.

Key to Success for New Relationships: Talk Early and Often

If you are currently using cannabis and/or open to dating someone does, consider making this something you share early on in your relationship (think of it as acknowledging if you smoke cigarettes or drink socially). It’s better to know if cannabis use is a deal-breaker sooner rather than later. It can also help to know if your partner is a newbie, but curious—it can form a special bond between the two of you.

And for those in an existing cannabis-positive relationship, there are several ways you can further develop your bond through the plant (even without ever “getting high” if that’s not your cup of tea).

Key to Success: Skip the High

CBD, a component of cannabis, does not act as an agonist of your body’s CB-1 receptor (translation: it doesn’t produce that psychoactive feeling of “being high”). That said, CBD does interact with other receptors that instead reduce inflammation, anxiety, and pain. Lots of folks use CBD for medicinal purposes or just to promote overall health, and with regards to your relationships, it can help you have a more fulfilling and accessible romantic life.

Key to Success: Pump the Brakes

Occasional THC-fasting can create more positive experiences with cannabis over the long-run. By deliberately taking a complete break or temporarily switching exclusively to high-CBD strains, you and your partner can spend time developing a better understanding your bodies and the ways you benefit from the plant.

Key to Success: Cannabis in the Bedroom

And then there’s cannabis and sex—it can play a role there too. Cannabis can lower inhibition, foster intimacy and even increase sensuality. And unlike alcohol, cannabis actually enables a more selective sexual appetite (meaning “beer goggles” are less of an issue). For sexual partners new and old, cannabis lubricants are a new option for making intimacy easier and more fulfilling for both partners. THC, another component of cannabis, is a vasodilator—so it opens capillaries and increases blood flow—which in turn enhances sensitivity. THC is also analgesic (aka it’s a pain reliever), so it can be used to reduce any potentially painful intimate moments. The best of both worlds? Only you can decide!

Whether you are using cannabis to ease yourself into new social circles, bond with existing partners, or take your sex life to a new level, the plant offers the potential to positively affect your life. That said, like all substances, it should be used consciously, with care, respect, and forethought. When used appropriately, meddling with cannabis has the potential to positively impact your relationship with yourself and others.

Daniel Luebke is the Director of Marketing at Heylo Cannabis, specializing in crafting high-terpene extracts as well as CBD and rare-cannabinoid strains. Valuing education and transparency in all aspects of their work, Heylo seeks to deliver lush, honest, and pure cannabis extracts for the mind and body.