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The Best Drinks for Summertime Dates

6 mason jars with fruit cocktails
Photo by Kaizen Nguyễn Kaizen Nguyễn

Sometimes first dates call for something a little different than meeting up at whatever coffee shop or farm-to-table restaurant or mixologist bar is trendiest. And in those instances, you’re not going to want to show up empty-handed. These summer drink suggestions are sure to wet your (and your date’s) whistle.

Backyard BBQ

A casual hangout calls for a casual (but no less delicious) beverage. And nothing goes better with grillables than ice cold beer. Grab a six pack (or two) of your favorite local brew, or plan to pick up a growler–just don’t forget cups.

Our favorite six pack selection is the Ziggy Zoggy Summer Lager from Silver City Brewing Co.
Grabbing a growler? We’re a fan of Manny’s Pale Ale from Georgetown Brewery.

Deck Hang Out

Deciding to grab a cocktail before you head out on the town? Try an easy, but sure to impress cocktail. Mojitos are popular warm weather drinks (Havana is its birthplace) and simple to concoct–mint + lime juice + (white) rum + soda water–served over ice. Want to get a little fancy? With it being berry season and all, we think they’d be delicious with fresh blackberries.

Your traditional mojito recipe can be found here, but if you’re thinking about adding some seasonal flavors, Delish has some tasty suggestions.

Picnic at the beach

It wouldn’t be a 2017 summer article about alcohol without mentioning Rosé; it is definitely having a moment. So much so that nowadays, wineries are packaging delicious, award-winning varietals in all sorts of ways. Grab a screw-top bottle or even a pack of cans (which may be the way to go, in case glass bottles aren’t allowed at your beach destination).

If you want to stick with a bottle, Dune Gris de Gris is delicious and super affordable (no nervous wine key fiddling necessary).
Oregon is home to Underwood wines and their four pack of cans are as tasty as they are trendy.

Music in the Park

Many times places that host scheduled music events have beer and wine to purchase, but why limit yourself to whatever (likely limited) options they’ll be selling? Bring along fixings for a charcuterie plate and mix ahead a light cocktail like a Lynchburg Lemonade–a little sweet, a little tart, and totally tasty. This would store really well in mason jars, which can then double as perfectly acceptable drinking glasses.

The original recipe calls for Jack Daniels, but we’re guessing it would taste just as amazing with something a little bolder, like Knob Creek.

Hitting Open Waters

Being out on the water with no shade for a few hours means finding something that is refreshing, not overpowering, and super portable. Bring aboard a small cooler with drinks that aren’t typically boozey–like a hard seltzer or cider (we still can’t wrap our brains around alcoholic root beer). Just be sure to bring cans–broken glass on a boat is no fun. And be sure to bring something to help you all actually rehydrate, like water or gatorade.

Hard seltzer may be a hard sell, but a slightly boozey La Croix sounds like a nice way to enjoy the water.
Seattle Cider Company is the city’s first cidery since Prohibition. The semi-sweet variety is super light and their seasonal would be a delightful option, too.