Let your friends swipe for you


It’s hard not to notice the billion and one dating apps out there today, all of them seemingly taking the same tack to finding you that certain someone. But Meddle does things a little differently—we have you enlist those closest to you to do the matchmaking.

You can’t kiss an algorithm

We tap into human, not artificial, intelligence to help folks find a date. We think the people who know you best (and can actually experience matters of the heart) are better suited for this job.

Share the love

Your trusted Meddlers—whoever and wherever they are—get to have a stake in your happiness. And once you find that special someone, you can keep using Meddle to pay it forward.

Matches made better

Meddle gives you a good degree of quality control over who you’ll match with—we provide you (and your Meddlers) the fun of Tinder with the sincerity of eHarmony—for free. Win, win, win.

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So how are matches created? What if I'm single AND want to meddle? And many more...


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